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Wireless Internet

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Get FASTER internet access for LESS!

Using the latest Fixed Wireless Broadband technologies and backed by Ubiquiti Networks,

We can offer TRUE UNCAPPED and UNSHAPED internet!

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To connect your organisation, we’re offering a secure, scalable, fully-managed WiFi network. Businesses WiFi offers you much more than just an Internet connection – it offers a full suite of integrated intelligence services. Essentially, we’re giving you everything you need to operate and manage your WiFi network from a single place. Here’s how Enterprise WiFi can add value to your business:


Our fast and uncapped business Wireless internet connectivity is ideal for everyday e-mail, communications and connectivity to multiple devices.


Our business Wireless internet connectivity will help improve efficiency and is a popular choice as a back-up link for increased redundancy.


Our business Wireless internet connectivity is great to run Voice Over IP (VoIP) and a VPBX solution.

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Supernet is a telecommunications service provider using the latest wireless and fibre technologies to offer data  and voice services to businesses and homes in the South Of Johannesburg.


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